My Garden Upcycle

Above is an image of my own garden and my favourite spot hidden behind a planter that I made from pallets and wooden spacers for the climber frame from the woodyard that would usually be discarded. below are images of my upcycle projects in my garden.

Potting bench made from pallets this is now painted blue & grey to match the gate

A pair of upcycled troughs I made a climber frame from wooden spacers rescued from the woodyard before they incinerated them.

Coffee table made from pallets and left over fence posts.

Planter for my Olive tree made from left over decking boards

This two seater bench was left behind by the previous owner a sad faded & rotted brown but now much brighter, modelled by my cat Monty

An upcycled planter with castors I made a climber frame with batons rescued from the woodyard

Old fire pit which s now a planter and coffee table

Planter made from left over log edging castors added to move it around