Turning old Tired stuff into new Trendy things

Creativity is making something marvelous out of the discarded


My love of upcycling and recycling started when renovating my house and garden on a budget over 30 years ago. Instead of discarding old tired things I revamped them to modernise, give a new lease of life and do my bit for the environment. I have used pallets to make planters, coffee tables & a potting bench for my garden also left over deck boards. You will see some pictures on the My Garden Upcycle page. I have a varied skill set, woodwork, tiling, all things decorating, I can even plaster to a degree. learned from trial an error mainly. I figured out that if things go wrong you can always start again and learn from the mistakes which are just as valuable as the successes.

I decided to have a go at Mosaic a couple of years ago so I enrolled on a workshop to get the basics which turned out be very similar to tiling so I took to it quite quickly and went off to practice. My mosaic passion was born! You can see some of my first attempts on the Past Projects page.

Having been self employed for the majority of my working life it made perfect sense to me to turn these skills into a business so I created Tired2Trendy I turned my Utility room into a workshop and started designing mainly mosaic pieces. Upcycling wherever possible, turning Preserve / Pickle Jars into Tea light Holders & Vases, wood off cuts into Trivets / Pot stands, faded hanging plaques renewed, old plant pots into brightly coloured things of beauty.

The ethos of my business is to create beautiful, handmade, upcycled designs at an affordable price. Each piece is unique and never replicated so you anbe assured of a one of design.

You can see images of my latest designs on the New Collections page.

I sell my handmade creations at Artisan Markets, Craft Fairs & online via nuMonday, Facebook, ebay. Links below.

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