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Artisan Markets / Craft Fairs Attending during 2021

Ormskirk 20th June - Ormskirk 4th July - Haigh Woodland 18th July - Ormskirk 1st August - Warrington Times Square 8th August - Haigh Woodland 15th August - Ormskirk Artisan 29th August - Ormskirk artisan market 5th September - Warrington Time Square Makers Market 12th September - Haigh Woodland Market 19th September - 3rd Oct Ormskirk Artisan - 10th Oct Warrington Makers Market - 7th Nov Xmas Craft Fair University of Bolton Stadium - 14th Nov Warrington Makers Market - 28th Nov Quayside Xmas Artisan Market

Bespoke pieces can be commissioned using colours of your choice to match your decor and personal taste. Message for details on my social media pages, click on the links below or send an email tired2trendy@gmail.com

A small deposit will be required then pay the balance on completion. Cost is based on time spent creating the esign & materials plus any postage if applicable. Photographs will be sent throughout the process to ensure you're completely happy with the design.

Below are Images sent by my customers of commissioned pieces.

This lovely Tea pot stand was commissioned by a lady to match her kitchen which is grey & red. it looks fabulous with the red teapot. It's made from solid pine 15cm in diameter x 18mm thick, varnished on the underside with rubber feet attached to protect surfaces. Tiles are heat resistant and made from recycled material.

My client loved this 15cm round Trivet so much she commissioned an identical one to match for her modern, stylish new kitchen, then commissioned a larger 22 cm one for hot pans to protect the solid wood worktops. The larger one had to be square so I incorporated the design from the round trivet inside to match them all up. I particularly love the silver grey iridised tiles on the Square trivet. All of the tiles are made from recycled material.

Tissue Box Cover

A commissioned piece for a brightly coloured tissue box cover to fit a cube facial tissue box. The design and colours were left to me the brief was bright and cheerful. My client was very happy and sent these images of the cover on her dressing table. I really like the the bright calypso type colours and how the pattern flows around each side.

Tea Pot stand

This 15cm round Trivet / Pot Stand was commissioned by a lady who saw my posts on facebook & instagram. She wanted a Teapot stand as a gift for her friend who had a new kitchen fitted. The brief was Grey & Cream I added the black for contrast. The friend was so pleased with it she got in touch to have an identical one made to match.

Hanging Plague

This Mosaic plaque was commissioned as a gift by a client on social media. The brief was for any colour scheme as long as it's brightly coloured. I think I nailed it

Heart Mobile

A variation on a theme commissioned by a client on social media following a post of my 5 heart mobile. The client wanted a specific 60 cm drop so I added butterflies as they have a special meaning for my client. Each Heart & Butterfly has silver leaf on the reverse side After much discussion & exchange of multiple images we arrived this colour scheme 7 design. It turned out very well and the client is delighted with the result